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Viewing the Conversation

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You can view the previous chat sessions only if there are any.

To view the conversation,

  1. Launch the Banckle Chat App and click the Chat History tab.
    The list of previous chat sessions displays.
    You can select the time span for which you want to see the chat transcripts. The available options are:
    • Today: select to view the chat sessions for today
    • Yesterday: select to view the chat sessions from yesterday
    • Last 7 Days: select to view the chat sessions from last one week
    • Last 30 Days: select to view the chat sessions from last one month
    • From Beginning: select to view all the chat sessions from the beginning.
      Each option is followed by the exact date that it represents. For example, Last 30 Days since Tue Sep 28 2010
  2. Click your desired chat session.
    The corresponding transcript displays in the Transcript area on the right side.
    Screenshot: Chat Transcript


You may also view the additional details of each chat session at the bottom of the Transcript window. You can view following information about each chat session:
  • Details: this tab presents the personal details about the corresponding visitor.
  • Footprint: this tab presents the pages of your website that the visitor has browsed.
  • Conversation: this tab presents the list of previous conversations of the same visitor
  • Ban: this tab presents the Ban settings for the corresponding visitor.



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