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Update a Specific Survey

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Updating a survey will cause all the survey results to be cleared.
For information regarding the entities used in the Surveys CRUD, please visit Entities Used in Surveys CRUD page.

You can update a specific survey by using the following command(s):


PUT /em/api/surveys/{id}
PUT /em/api/surveys/{id}.xml
PUT /em/api/surveys/{id}.js

Request in XML:

    <name>New Survey</name>
    <instruction />
      <text>New Question</text>
      <items>aabb bb cc dd ee</items>

Request in JSON:

  name : "New Survey",
  questions : [
    {text : "New Question", items : "aabb\nbb\ncc\ndd\nee", minimum : 0, maximum : 268435455, optional : false, semantic : 0, type : 7}
  instruction : ""


HTTP/1.0 200 OK
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