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Setting up Offline Message Forwarding to your Email Address

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To setup the offline message forwarding to your email address,

  1. From the Banckle Chat home screen, click Settings.
    The Banckle Chat Administrator screen displays.
  2. From the Banckle Chat Administrator home screen, click Message Forward.
    The Message Forward Settings screen launches.
  3. Fill up the following fields:
    • Enable Forward to Feedback: leave this box unchecked to enable forwarding the offline messages to your email account.
    • Feedback User name: enter your feedback user name e.g. email address, name etc
    • Feedback Password: enter the password associated with your e-mail account.
    • Type: select the type for offline message to appear in Banckle Feedback Forum Community.
    • You can read offline message here: enter any keyword to for a particular message on the given URL.
    • Enable Forward to Email: check to enable forwarding the offline messages directly to your e-mail account.
    • Email will Receive Offline Messages: enter the e-mail addresses on which the offline messages are to be sent.
    • Auto Reply to Visitor: check this to send an automated reply to the visitor.
  4. Click Save.
    The offline message forwarding to your Email Address is successfully configured.



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