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Introducing the Widgets Screen

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Introducing the widgets screen,

The Widgets Settings screen allows you to view your deployments for Banckle Chat. You can also add a new deployment using this screen.
Screenshot: Widgets Settings Screen

Create and Deploy new Widget

Creating and deploying live widget for your website consists of the following fields and tabs:

  • Name: enter the name of your live widget.
  • Domain: enter your website domain.
  • Department: select your department for which you are deploying live widget.
  • Widget Code: this tab allows you to define your widgets visual appearance. For example, widget type, link, uploading online and offline image, provides a widget code for your website.
  • Greetings & Labels: this tab allows you to define your message type and its content for your website visitor.
  • Visitor Invitation: allows you to invite your website visitor in various manners. For example, automatically invitation, proactive invitation.
  • Survey: click Enable Survey if your website widget is for conducting survey from visitors.
  • Translate: click Enable Translate if you want to set the language at the operator's side as well as at the visitor's side.
    Translation is only available for paid customers.
  • Theme: this tab provides a customized theme options to select from the design and expert mode for your widget.
  • Offline Messages: allows you to select various related options for your visitors offline messages.
  • Widget Position & Behavior: this tab provides you the related options to define your widget's position & behavior on your website.



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