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Live Chat

Introducing the Visitor Screens

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Introducing the Visitor Screen,

The Visitor is someone who is visiting your website. Banckle Chat offers following interface to the visitor to communicate with the operator.

Live Chat Button

This button is displayed on every page of your website. Your website visitor can click anytime to send request for a live chat session. You can configure your customized Live Chat button through Banckle Admin Apps. Separate Live Chat button can be defined for each department. For example, Support or Sales etc.
Screenshot: Chat Button


Start Chat Dialog

The Start Chat dialog is used to take the basic information of the visitor who wants to initiate the live chat session. The required information is the Nick Name and any authentic email address. If no operator is available you can also leave an offline message for them to read later and reply.
Screenshot: Chat Dialog


Visitor Live Chat Dialog

The Visitor Live Chat dialog is used to send/receive chat messages with the operator. The visitor can also Print the transcript, email it or save it on local machine.
Screenshot: Visitor Live Chat



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