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Introducing the Offline Messages Tab

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Introducing the offline messages tab,

The Offline Messages tab is used for managing the offline messages that the visitors leave behind. This tab allows you to monitor the offline messages even when you are not available on live chat.
Screenshot: Offline Messages Tab

The Offline Messages tab consists of the following:

  • Offline Messages List
  • Offline Message Details Panel


Offline Messages List

The Offline Messages list provides the log of all offline messages. You can simply click the log and view the details of the offline message that the visitor left you.
Screenshot: Offline Messages List

Following features are available on the Offline Messages List:

  • Sorting: you can sort the offline messages by clicking on the header section of the list. The list is sorted alphabetically as well as on the basis of the latest offline message.
    The sorting works as expand sort. Which means that if you sort one column the values for other columns will also sort accordingly.
  • Offline Message Details: click on a particular offline message to view the details of the offline message.


Offline Message Details Panel

The Offline Messages Details panel lists the details of an offline message that the visitor leaves behind in case you are unavailable. You can later reply to the visitors query via e-mail. There is also a feature to translate the offline message of the visitor to the language you understand and then reply appropriately.
Screenshot: Offline Messages Details

This includes the following:

  • Offline Message: the offline message of the visitor while you were unavailable.
  • Operators Reply: the reply of an operator to the offline message.
  • Reply Field: enter your reply to the offline message for the visitor.
  • Reply Button: click to send your reply to the visitor on their provided email address.
  • Spam Button: click to mark any offline message of the visitor as spam.
  • Delete Icon: click to delete the Offline Message of the visitor.
  • Source Language: select the language in which the visitor has left the offline message.
  • Target Language: select the language in which you understand the visitors offline message.
  • Translate Button: click to translate the offline message of the visitor.



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