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Introducing the Notifications Screen

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Introducing the notifications screen,

The Notifications screen allows you to adjust the volume for your visitors.
Screenshot: Sound Notifications Settings Screen

The Notification screen consists of the following tabs:

  • Sound
  • Loop

This tab consists of the following:

  • Incoming messages: sound alert for new incoming messages by the visitors of your website.
  • Chat requests: sound alert for the chat initiation request by the visitors.
  • New Visitor: sound alert for notifying you about the new visitors on your website.
  • Visitor Disconnection: sound alert to notify you that the visitor has left the chat conversation or is disconnected.
  • Ban visitor: sound alert to notify you that the visitor is banned from Banckle Chat.
  • Invitation accepted: sound alert for accepting the invitation of the visitor.
  • Chat Request: sound alert for requesting chat by the visitors.
  • Incoming Message: sound alert for an incoming messages by the visitors.
You can preview the sound selected for each control by clicking the Play icon. You can also adjust the level of sound to hear from the slider. Move the slider to the right for maximum sound level.



This tab allows you to set the number of times you wish to hear the sound alerts for the given options.
Screenshot: Sound Notifications Settings Screen



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