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Introducing the Message Forward Screen

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Introducing the message forward screen,

The Message Forward tab allows you to forward your website visitors offline messages either to your e-mail account or to Banckle Feedback Forum Community.
Screenshot: Message Forward Settings Screen

Following features are available:

  • Enable Forward to Feedback: check to enable forwarding the offline messages to Banckle Feedback Forum Community.
  • Feedback User name: enter your feedback user name e.g. email address, name etc
  • Feedback Password: enter the password associated with your e-mail account.
  • Type: select the type or category for offline message to appear in Banckle Feedback Forum Community.
  • You can read offline message here: enter any keyword to find any specific message on the given URL.
  • Enable Forward to Email: check to enable forwarding the offline messages directly to your e-mail account.
  • Email will Receive Offline Messages: enter the e-mail addresses on which the offline messages are to be sent.
  • Auto Reply to Visitor: check this to send an automated reply to the visitor.



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