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Live Chat

Introducing the Live Chat Tab

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Introducing the Live Chat Tab,

Live Chat tab is used to conduct the chat sessions with your website visitors. Through this tab, you can view the visitors details, ban or unban their IP addresses or view past conversations.
Screenshot: Live Chat Tab

The Live Chat tab consists of the following:


Chat Panel

The Chat Panel is used to conduct the live chat session with the website visitor.
Screenshot: Chat Panel

Following features are available on the Chat panel:

  • Chatting: you can chat with the visitors as well as fellow operators.
  • Multiple Chat Sessions: you can have multiple chat sessions simultaneously with visitors as well as fellow operators.
  • Close Conversation: you can close the chat conversation once you are done chatting. You may also end an on-going chat session.
  • Auto Scrolling: you can enable the auto scrolling on the chat window. This will allow you to focus on the latest chat messages.
  • Transferring the Chat Session: you can transfer an on-going live chat session to another operator. The transfer would be seamless and the new operator will also see the chat that has already been done with the visitor.
  • Insert canned messages: click to select the pre-defined chat messages from the drop down menu.
  • Insert Image: click to enter the URL of the image that you wish to send to the visitor.
  • Create ticket for Conversation: the ticket for the particular conversation is created by default once you are done chatting with the visitor.
    From the drop down menu, select No Ticket for conversation if you do not wish to create a ticket for any specific chat.


Operators Panel

The Operators Panel lists all your fellow operators. This is useful if you want to transfer your on-going live chat session to another operator at run-time. Online status is also displayed for each operator.
Screenshot: Operators Panel


Details Tab

The Details tab provides you additional details and demographic information of the visitor you are currently chatting with.
Screenshot: Details Tab

This tab includes the following:

  • Name: the name of the visitor as is provided.
  • E-mail: the e-mail address of the visitor as is provided.
  • Send E-mail: sends the e-mail to the visitor.
  • Notes: enter the additional notes about the chat conversation for your later reference.


Footprint Tab

The Footprint tab lists down the source or the web page from which the visitor was reffered to Banckle Chat. It also provides the time at which the visitor accessed the web page.
Screenshot: Footprint Tab

Conversation Tab

The Conversation tab lists down all of your previous chats with the visitor."Click the desired chat entry to view its transcript.
Screenshot: Conversation Tab


Ban Tab

The Ban tab is used to ban the IP of the visitor. You can Ban a visitor for 24 hours up to forever. You can also log the reason for this ban.
Screenshot: Ban Tab

This tab includes the following:

  • Ban this Visitor Check box: check to ban the visitor.
  • Reasons: enter the reason that explains why the visitor is banned.
  • 24 Hour Ban: select to ban the visitor for 24 hours only.
  • Forever Ban: select to ban the visitor forever.



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