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Introducing the Common UI Elements

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Introducing the common UI elements,

The following are the common User Interface elements of Banckle Chat:

Screenshot: Banckle Chat Toolbar

Banckle Toolbar

The Banckle Chat Toolbar allows you to navigate through various sections of the application. Following features are available:

  • Logo: view the Banckle Chat logo.
  • Display Name: reverts back to the Banckle Chat default screen.
  • Settings: displays the Banckle Chat Admin Console.
  • Feedback: launches the Banckle Feedback Capture application.
  • Sign Out: signs out from Banckle Chat application.


Volume Bar

The Volume Bar in Banckle Chat allows you to set up the universal volume for your notifications. Notifications are the audio alerts that are sent to alert you about different events in communicating with the visitors and fellow operators.

Individual notifications can also be configured. Please visit Working with the Notifications for more information.


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