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Introducing the Chat Session Screen

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The Chat Session screen is used to conduct chat session with the website visitor.

  • Chats: tap to view the list of on-going chat sessions.
  • Options: tap to view the various options for the selected chat session.

When you receive a new message its visual alert is displayed as a count over the Chats button.

While you are on the Chats screen and a visitor sends you a new chat message, you are shown the visual notification in the form of a speech bubble against the sender's entry on the Chats screen.

The Options screen is used to perform various tasks on the current chat session.

  • Canned Messages: tap to launch the Canned Messages screen. You can create and send the automated canned messages.
  • Transfer Chat: tap to transfer the chat to another fellow operator.
  • Close Chat: tap to end the chat session.
  • Cancel: tap to close the Options screen and return to the previous screen.

The chat transfer feature allows you to transfer the on-going chat session to your fellow operator.

You can also specify the reason to transfer the chat session.

Your fellow operator is presented with a chat transfer alert that mentions the reason as specified by you.

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