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Introducing the Chat History Tab

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Introducing the chat history tab,

The Chat History tab allows you to view all of previous chat sessions. Along with the basic features of viewing and searching the content in previous chat sessions, it also allows you to save details, delete, refresh the list, print and e-mail the chat history to multiple accounts.
Screenshot: Chat History Tab

The Chat History tab includes the following:


Filter Options

The Filter options allow you to filter your list of chat transcripts based on the time periods:
Screenshot: Filter Options

Followings are the time periods:

  • Today: lists the chat sessions from the same day the search was performed.
  • Yesterday: lists all the chat sessions from the last 24 hours.
  • Last 7 Days: lists all the chat sessions from the last 7 days.
  • Last 30 Days: lists all the chat sessions from the last 30 days.
  • From Beginning: lists all the chat session ever made through Banckle Chat.


Search and Advanced Search Options

The Search and Advanced Search options allow you to search for a particular word in the chat or you can simply click the search button to view all the previous chats. Search results can also be filtered based on predefined time and date ranges. You can also search chat sessions based on number of messages.
Screenshot: Advanced Search Option



Toolbar allows you to perform certain operations on the chat transcript through action buttons.
Screenshot: Chat History Toolbar

Following action buttons are provided:

  • All: to select all the chat transcripts.
  • None: to deselect all selected chat transcripts.
  • Delete: to delete the selected transcripts.
  • Refresh: to refresh the chat transcript list.
  • Save: to save the selected transcripts in HTML format.
  • Email: to send the selected transcript via email.
  • Print: to take a printout of the selected transcript.


List of Chat Transcripts

To view the list of chat transcripts you must click the search button.
Screenshot: Chat Transcripts List

Following additional information is displayed for each chat session:

  • Visitor: name of the visitor as specified.
  • Started: time stamp of the moment when the chat session was initiated.
  • Operator: name of the operator that entertained the visitor.
  • Department: name of the department that the operator belongs to.
  • Messages: count of total number of messages in the chat session.
  • Duration: time duration for which the chat session remained active.


You can click All and None to select and deselect all the listed chat sessions respectively.
Chat Transcript Details

You can click any chat session from the list to view its details.
Screenshot: Chat Transcript

The details of the chat session include the following:

  • Transcript: the recorded conversation between the the visitor and the operator in text messages.
  • Details Tab: the personal and demo-graphical details of the visitor.
  • Footprint Tab: the source from which the visitor is redirected to Banckle Chat.
  • Conversation Tab: the previous conversations with the same visitor. You can click the desired entry to view its transcript.
  • Ban Tab: the details whether the visitor is Banned.



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