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Introducing the Canned Messages Screen

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Introducing the canned messages,

The Canned Messages screen allows you to view your predefined messages for Banckle Chat. You can also edit, delete, refresh and add a new canned message using this tab.
Screenshot: Canned Message Settings Screen

The canned messages settings screen consists of the following:

  • Canned Messages Bar
  • Search Bar
  • Canned Messages List
Canned Messages Bar

The Canned Messages bar allows you to manage your predefined messages. Following features are available:

  • Refresh: refreshes the list of existing predefined messages.
  • Add: adds a new default canned message in the list.
    You can change the default canned message details by clicking its row.


Search Bar

The Search bar allows you to search for the existing canned messages. Following features are available:

  • Keyword: enter the keyword for searching the canned messages.
  • Search Icon: click to retrieve results based on your specified criteria.


Canned Messages List

You can view the details of the canned messages that are currently available. You can delete the existing canned messages by clicking Delete icon.

You can check/uncheck the Active box against any canned message to include/exclude it in the Live Chat session.



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