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Integration with Tumblr

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Before the Integration

Before integrating the Banckle Meeting Widget, you need to make sure that:

  1. You have a Tumblr Account.
  2. You have a Banckle Account.


Integrating the Banckle Chat Widget

  1. Launch the Banckle chat app and sign in.
    The Banckle Chat dashboard screen displays by default.
  2. From the Banckle Chat toolbar, click Settings.
    The Banckle Chat Administrator screen displays.
  3. From the Administrator home screen, click Widgets.
    The Widgets Settings screen displays.
  4. From the Widgets Settings list, Click your desired deployment row.
    The Widget Code tab displays by default.
  5. From the Widget Code tab, copy the HTML code.
    The HTML code of your desired widget is copied to the clipboard.
  6. Sign into the tumblr in separate browser window/tab .
    The Dashboard screen displays.
  7. From the Dashboard screen, click your desired blog at the top of the page.
    The blog screen displays.
  8. From the customize section, click Customize theme.
    The blog's title screen displays with the customize themes area.
  9. From the Themes area at the top left, click Edit HTML.
    The theme editor opens in HTML format.
  10. Paste the widget code copied from Widget code tab just before the </body> tag then click Update Preview.
    The Banckle Chat widget can be previewed at your blog's title screen.
  11. From the Themes area at the top left, click Save.
    The Banckle Chat widget is successfully integrated at your tumblr's blog screen.


After the Successful Integration

You have successfully integrated the Banckle Chat widget at tumblr.

Sign into Banckle Apps and then go to Banckle chat to start a meeting with your visitors through Banckle Chat's widget.


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