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Integration with CMSMS

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Before the Installation

Before installing the Banckle Chat, you need to make sure that:

  1. You have downloaded Banckle Chat zip file for CMS Made Simple.
  2. You have Extracted and placed BanckleChat folder at path/to/cmsms/modules.
  3. You have a CMSMS admin Account.
  4. You have a Banckle Account.
  5. cURL extension is enabled.


Installing the Banckle Chat

  1. Launch the CMS made simple and sign in.
    The CMS made simple home screen displays.
  2. From the CMS made simple menu bar, click Extensions then Modules.
    The Modules area displays.
  3. From the Action column, click Install against the Banckle Chat.
    The Banckle Chat is successfully installed.
  4. From the CMS made simple menu bar, click Extensions then Banckle Chat.
    The Banckle Chat sign in screen for CMS made simple displays.
    You need to enable Banckle Chat by clicking page from the Banckle Chat area.
  5. Provide your user credentials and click Sign In.
    The Select Deployment area displays.
  6. Select your deployment from the drop down menu and click Activate.
    The Banckle Chat Widget is successfully integrated.


After the Successful Installation

You have successfully integrated the Banckle Chat's widget for CMSMS at your CMSMS website.

Sign into Banckle Apps and then go to Banckle chat to start a meeting with your visitors through Banckle Chat's widget.


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