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How to integrate Banckle Chat into Wordpress with out a plugin

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To integrate Banckle Chat into Wordpress without a plugin:

Step-1: Copy Banckle Chat Widget Code

  1. Sign up for a Banckle account.
  2. Sign in to Banckle Chat to copy your Banckle Chat widget code.
    When you access Banckle Chat application for the first time, it will display your Banckle Chat widget code. You may follow this topic to access your Banckle Chat widget code from the application.

Step-2: Integrate Banckle Chat Code into Wordpress Website

  1. Sign into your WordPress admin console.
  2. Under Appearance menu, click on Editor option.
  3. Open header.php or footer.php files. Paste Banckle Chat widget code into any of these files.
  4. Click on Update File button to save your changes. This will make Banckle Chat application live on your Wordpress website.

Step-3: Floating Banckle Chat Widget Icon & Repositioning

If you want Banckle Chat widget to be floating over your page, you can use the following CSS wrapper.

<style type="text/css">
			position: fixed;
			vertical-align: middle;
			text-align: center;
			z-index:999999999 !important;
			bottom:0px !important;
			right:22px !important;
<div class="banckleLiveChatBottomRight" id="banckleLiveChatButton">
<!-- Banckle Chat Code Start -->
<!-- Banckle Chat Code End -->
  1. Paste Banckle Chat widget code in between <!-- Banckle Chat Code Start --> and <!-- Banckle Chat Code End --> in the above mentioned code.
  2. After pasting Banckle Chat widget code, use complete CSS wrapper along with Banckle Chat widget code in header.php or footer.php files.

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