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How to forward offline messages to email

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Log into Banckle.Chat application and follow the steps mentioned below in order to forward offline messages to email addresses:

  1. Click Settings option from the left navigation panel. This shows Settings page.
  2. Click Widgets available under Managing Widgets section. This shows Widgets page.
  3. Select the widget linked with your website
  4. Select Preferences tab.
  5. Select Offline Message. This expands offline message section.
  6. Select Enable Offline Messages checkbox.
  7. Select Forward Offline Messages checkbox.
    • Select Forward to specified operators checkbox and enter any email address in the email list text area.
    • Select Forward to visitor checkbox to send a copy of offline message to the visitor.
  8. Enable Verify visitor’s email option. It will force the visitor to type/enter a valid email address before submitting/leaving an offline message.
  9. Click Save button. Now Banckle Chat application will forward all received offline messages to your mentioned email addresses.

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