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How to configure proactive and automatic live chat invitations

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Log into Banckle.Chat application and follow the steps mentioned below in order to configure proactive and automatic live chat invitations:

  1. Click Settings option from the left navigation panel. This shows Settings page.
  2. Click Widgets option available under Managing Widgets section. This shows Widgets page.
  3. Select the widget linked with your website.
  4. Select Preferences tab.
  5. Select Visitor Invitation option. This expands visitor invitation panel.
    • If you like to automatically invite visitors after a certain time duration, select Automatically invite visitor after checkbox and select time duration from the drop down list.
    • Select device types in Send automatic invitation to these devices panel. Automatic invitations will only be sent to the device types you selected.
    • If you like to pro-actively invite visitors from Monitoring section, select Proactive visitor invitation checkbox.
    • If you like to give option to your website visitors to Accept or Deny invitations, select Send confirm message to visitor (Proactive) checkbox. If this checkbox is not selected, visitors will see Pre-Chat form or Chat window based on your Pre-Chat Form settings.
    • If you like to include or exclude some website pages from invitation delivery, select Enable page specific invitation (Automatic & Proactive) checkbox and provide website page URLs in the Black and white list. The URLs shall have http:// as prefix.
  6. Click Save button. This configures proactive and automatic live chat invitations.

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