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Entities Used in Filter Rules CRUD

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Following is a list of entities used in the filter rules CRUD:

  • id: The unique ID for this filter rule. This is Read Only.
  • applyTo: This value can be binary combination of following values: 1 (Live Chat), 2 (EIM), 4 (Group Chat)
  • name: The name of this rule.
  • action: The action that will be performed when this rule matches the user's input. -1 for none, 0 for drop message, 1 for replace matched text with specified replacement.
  • regexMatch: The regular expression that is used for comparison with user's input.
  • regexReplace: The expression that is used as a replacement.
  • creatorId: The IS of the rule's creator. This is Read Only.
  • creationDate: The time on which this survey was created. This is Read Only.
  • active: Whether this rule is enabled.
  • logging: This is Unused.
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