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For information regarding the entities used in the Surveys CRUD, please visit Entities Used in Surveys CRUD page.

You can create a new survey by using the following command(s):


POST /em/api/surveys
POST /em/api/surveys.xml
POST /em/api/surveys.js

Request in XML:

    <name>New Survey</name>
    <instruction />
      <text>New Question</text>
      <items>aabb bb cc dd ee</items>

Request in JSON:

  name : "New Survey",
  questions : [
    {text : "New Question", items : "aabb\nbb\ncc\ndd\nee", minimum : 0, maximum : 268435455, optional : false, semantic : 0, type : 7}
  instruction : "",


HTTP/1.0 200 OK
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