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Create a New Deployment

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For information regarding the entities used in the Deployments CRUD, please visit Entities Used in Deployments CRUD page.

You can create a new deployment using the following command(s):


POST /em/api/deployments
POST /em/api/deployments.js
POST /em/api/deployments.xml

Request in XML:

    <name>New Deployment</name>
    <title>Online support</title>
    <copyright>Copyright is reserved by yilv1982.</copyright>
    <unavailableMessage>Sorry, our service is unavailable now.</unavailableMessage>
    <waitingMessage>Please stand by while we connect you to the next available operator...</waitingMessage>
    <welcomeMessage>Welcome to yilv1982</welcomeMessage>
    <finalMessage>Thank you for choosing yilv1982.</finalMessage>
    <exitSurvey />
    <autoInviteImage />

Request in JSON:

    autoInviteImage : "",
    departments : "c2cc9ba92a5bab3e012a5fe872800093",
    title : "Online support",
    enableAutoInvite : false,
    linkText : null,
    unavailableMessage : "Sorry, our service is unavailable now.",
    name : "New Deployment",
    invitationFilterType : 0,
    finalMessage : "Thank you for choosing yilv1982.",
    theme : "theme-1",
    enableInvitationFilter : true,
    linkType : 0,
    inviteTimeout : 60,
    copyright : "Copyright is reserved by yilv1982.",
    proactiveInviteImage : "",
    themeFlags : 0,
    invitationFilter : "",
    transcriptStyle : null,
    inviteMessage : null,
    textboxStyle : null,
    enableProactiveInvite : true,
    waitingMessage : "Please stand by while we connect you to the next available operator...",
    exitSurvey : "",
    welcomeMessage : "Welcome to yilv1982"


HTTP/1.0 200 OK
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