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Configuring Banckle Chat for your website

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Banckle Chat is a great tool that enables you to interact with the visitors of your website. It offers interaction in following two ways:

  • Visitor starts the conversation with the operator available at your website.
  • Your operator, being pro-active, starts the conversation with the Visitor.

On top of this basic functionality, Banckle Chat also provides you several other features to efficiently communicate with your website visitors and later use this valuable feedback to perform strategic business decisions.

  1. Go to Banckle Apps Home Page.
    The Welcome to Banckle dialog is displayed.
    If you do not have an account at Banckle then please Sign-up first.
  2. In the Welcome to Banckle dialog, provide the following information:
    • User ID: enter your user ID for Banckle Apps.
    • Password: enter the password for the specified user ID.
  3. Click Sign In.
    You are signed into Banckle Apps and Banckle Collaboration Cycle Dashboard is displayed.
  4. From the Banckle Toolbar, click Admin.
    The Banckle Apps Admin Console is launched.
  5. From the left panel, click Live Chat and then Department.
    The Department screen is displayed.
  6. From the Department toolbar, click Add Department.
    The Department Editor dialog is launched.
  7. In the Name field, enter the name of the department.
    The department name must not have spaces in it. For example, instead of entering Live Support you have to enter LiveSupport.
  8. From the Users area, select the users that you want to include in the department and click Save.
    The department along with selected users is successfully defined.
  9. From the left panel, click Live Chat and then Deployment Widget.
    The Deployment Widget screen is displayed.
  10. From the Deployment Widget toolbar, click Add Deployment.
    The Add Deployment dialog is launched.
  11. In the Add Deployment dialog, provide following information:
    • Name: enter the name of the deployment widget.
    • Department: select the department for the deployment widget.
  12. From the Add Deployment dialog, click Save.
    The deployment widget is successfully defined.
  13. From the Deployment Widget grid,click against the deployment that you want to use on your website.
    The Edit Deployment dialog is launched.
  14. On the HTML Code tab, click Copy to Clipboard.
    The code is copied to the clipboard.
    You may also click Save to File to save the code to an HTML file.
  15. Open the file on your website where you want to embed the Banckle Chat Widget and paste this HTML code there.
    The Banckle Chat is successfully configured on your website and the Banckle Chat Widget displays there.
    CSS Wrapper
    If you want Banckle Chat widget to be floating over your page you can use something like the following just before the ending body tag </body>.
    <style type="text/css">
    			position: fixed;
    			width: 100px;
    			vertical-align: middle;
    			text-align: center;
    			bottom: 5px;
    			right: 5px;
    		#banckleLiveChatButton img
    <div id="banckleLiveChatButton">
    <!-- Banckle Chat Code Start -->
    <!-- Banckle Chat Code End -->
  16. While still signed into Banckle Apps, from the My Home menu, click Banckle Chat.
    The Banckle Chat application is launched.
  17. From the Queue List tab, click against the visitor that you want to chat with.
    The Live Chat tab is opened and you are all set to have a conversation with your website visitor.

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