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Class Name:

Provides Authentication for Banckle Accounts.

      |---- BanckleLiveChat

Child Classes:

Class Description
BLC_Department Provides access to Banckle Chat's Department API.
BLC_Deployment Provides access to Banckle Chat's Deployment API.
BLC_Survey Provides access to Banckle Chat's surveys API.
BLC_CannedMessages Provides access to Banckle Chat's Canned Messages API.
BLC_FilterRules Provides access to Banckle Chat's Filter Rules API.

Inherited Variable and Methods

Variables Methods
Banckle::$banckleUrl Banckle::banckleLiveChatRequest()


Variable Default Value Type Access
$api   string protected
$apiUrl   string protected
$dataType JSON string protected
$token   string protected


Method Parameters Return Access
BanckleLiveChat __construct( $api = "", $dataType = "", $userId = "", $password = "")
  • string $api - API like department, deployments etc.
  • string $dataType - JSON or XML
  • string $userId - Banckle user ID
  • string $password - Banckle password
arrayToXML( $array, $xml = '', $addApi = true)
  • string $array - Array of values
  • string $xml - xml header
  • bool $addApi - true or false
Returns the XML representation of the array. protected
create( array $data)
  • array $data - Array of the respective object values
JSON or XML representation of the created object. public
delete( string $id)
  • string $id - ID of the BLC object to delete such as Department Id, Deployment Id etc.
Returns true if particular object is deleted from the servers. public
endsWith( $haystack, $needle, $case = true)
  • string $haystack - The string to search in.
  • string $needle - Char to be find at the end of the string.
  • bool $case - true for case sensitive search.
Returns true if needle exists. Returns FALSE if the needle was not found. protected
getAll( )   Returns all the objects of the respective API, such as all the departments, deployments etc public
update( $id, $data)
  • string $id - ID of the object which needs to be update.
  • string $data - Array of the values.
Returns JSON or XML representation of the updated object. public
url( $id = "")
  • string $id - Optional, only required when there is a need to add the specific Id for API calls, for example if Department is calling this function then this will be Department ID
Returns the API URL. protected
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