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Ban the Visitors IP Forever

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To ban the visitors for 24 hours on Banckle Chat,

  1. Launch the Banckle Chat App and click the Visitor Monitoring tab.
  2. From the Online Visitors section, click on the desired visitor's row.
    The visitor's row expands to show the details.
  3. From the visitor's details area, click the Ban tab.
  4. In the Ban tab, select and enter the following information:
    1. Ban the Visitor: select to ban the visitor.
    2. Reasons: enter the reason for banning the visitor.
    3. Forever Ban: select to ban the visitor forever to contact you through Banckle Chat.
  5. Click Block IP.
    The selected visitor is banned forever to contact you through Banckle Chat.
    You can unban a visitor anytime.



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