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Introducing the Banckle Collaboration Suite Dashboard

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Introducing the Banckle Collaboration Suite Dashboard,

The Banckle Collaboration Suite Dashboard allows you to see your available Banckle Apps, as well as your active company sessions. We can divide this screen into three areas:

  • Banckle Toolbar
  • Main Dashboard
  • Active Sessions Box

Screenshot: Dashboard Screen

Banckle Toolbar

The Banckle Collaboration Suite Toolbar allows you to navigate through apps as well as various sections of the dashboard. Following features are available:

  • Logo: view the Banckle Collaboration Suite v.2.0 logo.
  • Display Name: reverts back to the Banckle Collaboration Suite dashboard screen.
  • Admin: displays the Banckle Accounts default screen.
  • Feedback: launches the Banckle Feedback application.
  • Sign Out: signs out from Banckle Collaboration Suite apps.


Main Dashboard

The Main dashboard has click-able icons to Banckle Collaborative and Social Apps that you are subscribed to. An App may be grayed out if you do not have access to it, or are not subscribed for it.

It has following sections:

  • Banckle Chat
  • Banckle Email
  • Banckle Meeting
  • Banckle Feedback


Active Sessions Box

The Active Sessions Box lists details regarding active company sessions.
The following information is listed for each sessions:

  • Name: name of Company User/Colleague.
  • App: banckle App that the Company User is using.
  • From IP: IP address of Company user.


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