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Configuring SMTP Settings

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To configure the SMTP settings,

  1. Sign into the Banckle Accounts.
    The Banckle Accounts - Profile Tab appears by default.
  2. From the Banckle Accounts default screen, click Rebranding.
    The Rebranding tab displays.
  3. From the Mail Server Settings area, click SMTP Settings.
    The SMTP Setting dialog launches.
  4. On the SMTP Setting dialog, provide the following information:
    • Server Name: enter your email server name.
    • Server Port: enter your server port.
    • Protocol: select your email protocol from the drop down menu.
    • STARTTLS: select this check-box for secure connection.
    • AUTH: Select this check-box to avoid anonymous access to SMTP server.
    • From: enter your name.
    • Username: enter your email account details.
    • Password: enter your account password information.
    • Activate Above SMTP Setting: select this check-box to activate the above SMTP settings.
  5. Click Save.
    The mail box SMTP settings are successfully configured.



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