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Adding a New User

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To add a new user,

  1. Go to the Banckle Accounts.
    The Banckle Accounts Tab appears by default.
  2. From the default screen, click Users & Roles tab.
    The Users & Roles tab displays.
  3. From the Users & Roles tab, click Add User.
    The Add New User dialog launches.
  4. On the Add New User dialog, enter the following information:
    • User ID: enter the identification code or name for the user.
      You can enter a User ID that only consists of alphanumeric characters.
    • Email: enter the valid email address for the new user.
    • First Name: enter the first name for the new user.
    • Last Name: enter the last name for the new user
    • Password: enter the password string for the new user.
      Password must contain at least six (6) characters.
    • Confirm Password: enter the password string once again to avoid any typos.
    • Title: enter the title of the position held by the new user.
    • Department: enter the name of the department for the new user.
  5. In the Product Permissions area, select the following information:
    • Permission Name: select to grant the access of the corresponding product to the new user.
      Select the check-box in the Permission Name column header to select all the rows in that column.
  6. In the Roles area, select the check-boxes to assign roles to the new user.
  7. Click Save.
    The new User is successfully created.



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