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3rd Party Authentication Process for SSO

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3rd party authentication for SSO

Prerequisite: 3rd party company will send request to Banckle to generate ssokey
  • Request Email must include following information
    • Company's email address registered with Banckle module
  • Banckle Accounts Management (BAM) WebDev Team will generate SSOkey for that customer and update DB records accordingly.
Process for 3rd party companies to enable SSO with Banckle

Step 1: Users log on to 3rd party site using their regular username and password.
Step 2: Once the user is online. For calling Banckle APIs you need to call following URL:

  • email: 3rd party user email who wants to access
  • password: 3rd party user password who wants to access
  • ssokey: Banckle SSO key given to 3rd party for SSO Integration.
  • product: accounts | livechat | email | meeting | groupchat | remote

Step 3: Once the call is executed, you should get JSON response containing "token", use this token to call other Banckle APIs:

JSON Response
    "status_code": 200,
    "return": {
        "loginId": "your login name",
        "companyName": "Banckle",
        "isCreator": true,
        "domainOwnershipVerified": false,
        "token": "20764cd4-e50c-40fe-beb3-70e7d3e27268",
        "email": "your [email protected]",
        "userId": 19790,
        "permissions": [
        "isCompanyAdmin": false,
        "accountType": "ENTERPRISE",
        "domainMxVerified": false,
        "companyId": 8272,
        "displayName": "your [email protected]",
        "companyDomain": "your"
    "stat": "ok"

Banckle SSO API Implementation Design

For verifying SSO Key we are performing following step:

  • If 3rd party user is not created yet in DB, BAM will create a new user under that company using userId (which is external user email) and password as given in URL
  • If user is already created, then BAM will try to authenticate user by using password as given in URL with Banckle system
  • If password does not match then BAM will update 3rd party user password with new password as given in URL

Note:  We are assuming password given in URL is always latest with SSO key; therefore we are updating old password if it is not matched with Banckle system.

Auto Banckle Dashboard or App Login Request

Once SSO Key is verified, BAM will allow user to access Banckle Product with this URL:

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