• What is Banckle.Chat App?

      Banckle offers its Live Chat application to help you effectively and efficiently monitor and interact with your website visitors in real-time.
    • How does it Help me?

      Through Banckle.Chat App you can:
      Monitor and conduct secure live chat sessions with your website visitors. Visitors can click the live chat widget and send chat messages to you in real-time. Receive offline message from your visitors. So you are fully covered when you are not around. Keep searchable archive of each chat session for analysis. Keep an automatic track of your visitor's browsing activities on your website. This information is presented to you in very informative and easily understandable charts. Use the analytical charts to analyse your website traffic and then perform critical business decisions. Keep multiple operators to entertain loads of visitors. Exchange and transfer live chat sessions with your other online operators. Customize its features through Admin Console.
    • How can I use it on my website?

      Its pretty simple actually. Please visit Configuring Banckle.Chat App for your website topic for a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots.
    • Does it support multiple operators?

      Yes. You can create and manage as many operators as you require.
    • Do you have access to my chat sessions?

      No. You have your own password-protected account to login and manage your chat sessions.
    • Can I redirect chat requests to different departments?

      Yes. For example, if you have multiple websites and you want the chat requests to be routed to different departments (e.g. US-Support, EU-Support, Asia Support), you can create multiple departments and then widgets for each of those. Then you can deploy each widget on the required website as per your business requirements. Each visitor on each website would be routed to the corresponding Banckle.Chat App widget. Where the signed in operators can view and assist the live chat requests.
    • Can I redirect chat requests from different website to a single department?

      Yes. You can create the Banckle.Chat App Widget for the required department and then reuse the same code and deploy it on all the required websites. In this way, each visitor on each site would be routed to the single department. Where the signed in operators can view and assist the live chat requests.
    • I have deployed the Banckle.Chat App plugin/widget on my website. But it is still showing me as offline. Why?

      It might be due to one of the following reasons:
      You have not defined a department. You have defined a department but did not assign the required member user to it. You have not defined a widget. You have defined a widget but have not assigned the department to it. You have done all the above activities but have not signed into Banckle.Chat App. You have pasted the Deployment Widget code outside the ‹body› and ‹/body› tags. You have deployed Banckle.Chat App on a local website. Firewalls and other causes might be hampering web access.
    • Is it possible to change the Banckle.Chat App online and offline status images that appear on my website? How can this be done?

      Yes. You can surely control the online and offline status images that appear on your website for Banckle.Chat App. This can be done by changing the Link Appearance for an existing widget. Click here for related instructions.
    • Can I change my operator name in Banckle.Chat App?

      Yes. You can change your operator name by changing "Display Name" property from here Your live chat customers will only see your display name, instead of your first/last name or user id/email.
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