Banckle.Chat API provides useful live chat APIs to develop new and enhance your existing customer support and engagement web applications. With Banckle Chat API for websites, you can personalize your website visitors’ experience and turn them into potential customers. This web chat API has REST based architecture, which allows you to easily manipulate information and resources using simple HTTP requests and responses.

The following use cases outline some common scenarios where Banckle.Chat for Could RESTful APIs can be used:

  • Live Chat Widget Branding and Personalized Support:

    With REST chat service API, you can perform CRUD operations for new live chat widgets for your websites. In HTTP request, you may add all customization information like website branding (customerCSS, textboxStyle, widgetPoweredBy), visitors language preference (visitorLanguage, enableTranslate) and a lot more.

  • Monitor Visitor Activity and Get Detailed Information for Analytics:

    Banckle.Chat API returns detailed information about the browsing visitors (for example: timeZone, email, city, language, keywords, browserVersion) and helps you in monitoring their activity on the website (for example: referrer, pageOpened, totalChatTimes, clicks, lastChatTime, currentUrl). Such real time actionable data about your website traffic can become important to improve your visitors' experience and convert them to customers.

  • Archive Conversations:

    Often it is required to keep an offline record of all customer conversations held by different team members on different platforms. This becomes really easy with Banckle.Chat API. Whether the conversation was held on Android or iOS live chat apps, or the operator has used web or desktop chat app, with easy to manipulate live chat API, you can easily get all history, or get them segregated by visitor, operator and time intervals.

Supported Platforms

Banckle for Cloud APIs have been designed to match the latest API design standards. Hence, these RESTful APIs can be used with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. The API integrates with other cloud services and apps to give you the flexibility you need when it comes to delivering unrivalled support, sales and marketing services. You can use it with any language or platform that supports REST.

To make this journey easier and productive for the developer community, Banckle teams are continuously engaged in developing and improving PHP Chat API, Javascript Chat API, Android Chat SDK, iOS Chat SDK and support for several other major platforms.


Get Started with Banckle Cloud REST APIs

It is easy to get started with Banckle Cloud APIs and there is nothing to install. Simply subscribe to a Banckle account and access your API Key. Then, go ahead to get authenticated and use feature rich Banckle Cloud REST APIs, in any language of your choice.


Customer Types

Banckle.Chat is being used by clients of many different types, including:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Online Retail Businesses
  • Forex Traders
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • Property Advisors
  • Online Tutors
  • Health Consultants
  • ITSM and Project Management Professionals



Data Formats

Banckle for Cloud APIs support JSON and XML formats for HTTP API requests and responses. Each API product has format specification option in Content-Type header request or Accept header response. In case, there is no specification of the format, Banckle for Cloud APIs treat JSON as the default request/response format.

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