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Banckle Apps Suite is accompanied with a set of APIs that lets all our partners and third-party developers to create new and exciting applications by interacting with single or multiple Banckle Apps and borrow some of its features. Also if you feel something is not precisely how you want it to be, you may override it. Extend and tweak the capabilities of Banckle Apps by introducing your own code. This extensibility and customization makes Banckle Apps the best option for any rich internet application (RIA). This robust and powerful set of APIs is very simple and easy to use.

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It is implemented as XML/JSON over HTTP. You just need to get an API token by using your existing Banckle account. Then use this token in every API call.

Required Expertise

So basically in order to get up and running all you need to be familiar with is HTTP and the GET, POST, JSON methods to transmit the data. For details, you may always refer to our Developer Resources Guides. And if you are an experienced developer, you might want to skip the details about the Fundamental Principles and jump right to the actual API commands section.

Target Audience

Along with the look and feel customization of Banckle Apps, we have decided to give developers their fair share of customization. Now we offer an open access to a limited set of framework APIs on which our application core is being executed.
Banckle Apps API is targeted towards the partners and third-party developer community whom wants to create third-party plug-ins and/or integrate any of Banckle Apps with existing third-party applications, websites, services etc.


Right now the API mainly deals with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations for resource management. Through which you can integrate the power of collaboration into your applications.


Banckle App API enables you to perform all the basic CRUD operations as well as some other product-specific operations.
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